This is Ty (Tilly) Jubar

For introductions, I really wanted to try to offer up something new with each form of media. First, I started on YouTube with my name and a bit of a description as to why my website is called Tilly’s Island.

To follow it up, I wanted to dive a bit deeper into who I am and what some of my passions and interests are through SoundCloud.

After that, I felt like sharing a few less serious, fun facts about myself on Twitter.

To keep with a sillier tone, I wanted to use Flickr to share a picture that I felt expresses my personality pretty well, which happens to be my profile picture for Twitter as well.

Personality picture

Unfortunately it seems as though Meta has closed off the ability to embed Instagram and Facebook posts in WordPress sites, and I would have preferred to have used Instagram instead of Flickr, so here instead is a link to the view the picture on Instagram instead. EDIT: With some tips from Professor Bond, I was able to embed the post below!

I hope this helped you learn a little more about me!