The Spill

This assignment was extremely exciting to me at first glance. Honestly, I’m glad that it was assigned because I probably would have picked it anyways. When addressing this prompt, the first thing I thought about was setting. Where was this going to take place? Would it be in a diner, at the park, in a quiet room at night? Then, I figured that since this would be my first attempt at something like this, I should keep it pretty basic and have it represent one single person’s interactions, aside from background noise. I started by placing in an office ambience background noise with chatter, phones ringing, and other small noises that fill up space. Then, I found a crisp typing noise to establish an activity for the character to be initially doing. I wanted to display frustration in some way, so I figured the most fitting source of frustration in the office, early in the morning, is spilling your coffee or water. I found a fantastic spill noise, but thought that it could get even more frustrating than that. With the addition of a glass breaking noise, the scene is set for a great deal of anger. But how do we express that? Initially, I’ll admit, I fit in a clip of a woman mumbling, “dammit,” after it happens, but I realized that this assignment is strictly nonverbal. I went back in and removed that sound and tried to think of the perfect thing to replace it. That’s when it came to me: smashing the keyboard! It was quite easy to find a recording of someone smashing their keyboard, so I plugged that straight in and we had our little story. The story of the spill.