The Best Worst Answers

To complete this assignment, I thought it would be pretty funny to have the strangest, most out of touch and disconnected person I could think of answer the questions. This took me quite a while, specifically the editing portion as video editing is most certainly not a strong area of mine, so I only answered 5 questions instead of all 10. The video still ended up being almost 5 minutes long, so I figured any longer could get kind of boring, no matter how funny the responses. I tried to think extremely creatively and come up with things that others may not think of, providing an even more guttural laugh because of the shock factor. I used DaVinci Resolve to edit, though it felt clunky and annoying as a beginner. My biggest struggles came with trying to piece together the clips in the software, while actually creating the script for my responses was fun and came to me easily.

Though it could be edited better and it’s not as professional looking as I hoped it may turn out, it’s a step in the right direction when it comes to video editing. I also think that the comedic elements make up for the things the video is lacking.