Spring Break 2020

I found this assignment to be pleasantly freeing, allowing me to just create something fun with almost no bounds and take a bit of a break from the rigorous editing and scriptwriting process. The video ended up being a bit longer than a vine would typically be, but I figured I would twist the assignment a bit in that regard to fit what I hoped to create. I also decided to depict the beginning of the worst period of time in my life rather than the specific worst day. I searched my room for a few props to set the scene and then got to recording. I didn’t really have a script or a plan for how I would say things, instead winging it with a general idea and seeing what happens. I got the final shot on my first try, nailing the comedic timing, expressions, and improv’d lines. The only thing that caused problems and was a bit difficult was uploading the video to YouTube and trying to link it in this blog post. Unfortunately, it seems like because the video is so short, it has to be uploaded as a YouTube Short. Shorts don’t appear to be embeddable on this site, though I’ve tried multiple ways. Instead, to watch the video, you can click here!