Quirky Cat

For this assignment, I was told to create a funny TikTok of one of my pets with narration and/or a popular sound playing in the background. In order to check off every list, I decided to showcase my cat Luna’s “rituals,” or the way she reacts every time I do some random, particular action. Off the top of my head, I could think of 4 things: Running to my toes to get pet by them when I wiggle them, running into the closet and hopping up onto the skateboard when I open the door, jumping into my drawer when opening it, and laying on my backpack when putting it facedown. All of these ideas came to me instantly because they stand out the most as things that are kind of weird but trigger something like clockwork for her. The hardest part of creating this video would have been getting Luna to come to my room and stay around long enough for all the demonstrations, but luckily I caught her at a time when she was feeling social and wanted attention, so realistically this video was quite easy to make. I went with this specific sound to add some background music while I wasn’t talking, making it a bit less awkward, but also because it is a very recognizable song on silly little internet videos.