Mr. Garrity And The Graves

He’s Alive
A World Of His Own
It’s A Good Life
Young Man’s Fancy,
Black Leather Jackets
Where Is Everybody?
The Passersby
Little Girl Lost
The Chaser
Shadow Play
Sounds And Silences
Nothing In The Dark
Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room
Living Doll
Ring-A-Ding Girl
Queen Of The Nile
The Fugitive
To Serve Man
In His Image
The Lateness Of The Hour
Four O’Clock
Nick of Time
The Graves

While making this, I had a bit of a story playing in my head. I wanted to paint the picture of a man that seems normal and innocent on the surface, but in reality he is demented and kidnaps young women, forces them into things, then kills them and buries them all in the same place. To openly clarify, I OF COURSE DO NOT advocate for this kind of behavior, I just noticed that the titles of the episodes leaned into a creepy, unsettling, suspenseful vibe. In this poem, you’re introduced to Mr. Garrity, who seems to be a young, clean and happy gentleman. Quickly you find that he’s looking for victims and can’t find one until a lost little girl passes by. The following lines portray him doing the kidnapping her in the dark. After that, a list of different ways of viewing this girl in different tones and perspectives are listed, hoping to portray the idea that the man is genuinely deranged and doesn’t even know how he sees his own targets anymore. It wraps up with the man noticing the time and realizing it’s getting late and just in time he’s able to kill the girl and bury her.