Looking Forward – Goals for This Semester in ds106

While many may look at 100 level courses at a university and think to themselves that it is nothing but a free ride to an A to fulfill a requirement, I’ve never taken on that way of thinking. To be fair, one should be confident and optimistic in regards to the courses they take, but it should never be considered “free.” In this class, I want to challenge the idea of a low level course being simple and unimportant and instead push myself to really engage with the work and put forth an honest effort. I plan to spend a good amount of time on making things that I’m proud of, and I’d love to get into the mindset of documenting my process. While getting from point A to point B may seem rather seamless sometimes, there are always challenges, bumps in the road, new opportunities, and so much more than can pop up while working and learning. I feel that it would be beneficial for anyone to reflect on their accomplishments, so hopefully after this class I will have a better understanding of how to truly do that and outwardly express my journey to others. All the while, I’m excited to dive deeper into different forms of media, rather than just scratching the surface. Gaining a deeper understanding of audio and visual sources on the computer/internet will undoubtedly help me with whatever my future career is, as technology is growing more and more important by the day.