DS106 Radio with Ty Online

This may have been one of the most fun and creative assignments I have ever done for a class. Considering I’ve been in school practically my entire life, or at least all of my life that I can remember, that’s a big claim. I’ve always been extremely interested in radio and podcasting, finding at a certain age that my voice seemed to fit those categories. People have told me over the years that I should be a radio DJ or that I should host a podcast, so this assignment was an opportunity to give it some sort of a try.

For this, I wanted to really try to make things sound realistic. I know that on the weekly assignment page it said that this could be used by the actual ds106 radio, but I wanted to make mine a little more focused and seem a bit more natural. To do this, I put in the end of one song and the beginning of another, making sure the two songs related in some way. I’m always a fan of the little bit of pop culture news that radio DJs often provide, so I wanted to throw in some fun facts to tie the two songs together. A big thing that has always impressed me is when a radio host speaks over the music, not interrupting any important vocals but using a song or two as a bit of backing for whatever they’re saying, before inevitably leading directly into the first words of the song. I wanted to do exactly that, and I think the songs I found were perfect. Not only am I a fan of The Kid LAROI and Charlie Puth, but specifically Charlie Puth’s song at the end has the exact set up I was looking for. Although this could not easily be used on the actual ds106 radio, I felt that stretching the bounds creatively ultimately provided a much better outcome.