Becoming the Coroner

The first week of creating this radio show was all about planning. This means finding a group, creating a vision, conceptualizing, writing the script, and other general preparations for production. The second week, though, is when the real fun came about. This week, we made our concepts reality, taking on voice acting roles to record our lines and cracking our knuckles and getting to editing, throwing in sound effects and manipulating other aspects of the audio. For the most part, we found that this section included the most work but with that, it was easy to have fun and get lost in it. Time would get away from us while recording and editing and we found that in what felt like 20 minutes, 4 hours had passed. When you become so soaked into your creation that you lose track of one of our most familiar concepts, it is definitely a good sign.

I’m writing this progress post at practically the tail end of the project, with only a few more sound effects and a bit of piecing together of commercials and bumpers to finalize things. It’s been a wild ride but I couldn’t be happier with the group that I landed in. Bird did an incredible job writing the script, adding in details that we recommended with enthusiasm, making something truly captivating. Naomi did fantastic work when it came to voice acting especially, really nailing the attitudes and emotions that she was set to portray. Daniel was a hero when it came to sound manipulation, really diving in and spending a bunch of time getting everything just right. On top of this, everyone did an absolutely amazing job all around, in every area, and I’m extremely happy with how the show is turning out. I can only hope that my groupmates found me to be a valuable asset, as I kind of threw myself into the mix last minute. With how well we worked together and how smooth of a ride it’s all been, I’m sure they at least didn’t mind having me around.

We hope that any listeners to Coroner’s Tale really enjoys the production, as we put a lot of thought, heart and time into it. Viewer discretion is advised, so make sure there aren’t any youngsters around when listening!