Barney Stinson is Legen–wait for it–DARY!

There are all sorts of memorable characters within the different universes that shows and films create, making this assignment particularly difficult to lock into. Recently, I’ve been enjoying Daredevil, so I was originally going in that direction, but with a bit more thought I realized I wanted to do a hilarious character from a show that takes itself less seriously. This had me thinking about characters like Michael, Dwight and Jim from The Office. I also tossed around the idea of doing other characters from How I Met Your Mother, but I finally landed on Barney Stinson because he is simultaneously such a unique character while also fitting countless stereotypes constantly.

I certainly had a difficult time picking clips for this video. I already ended up with a video longer than what was recommended by the assignment, but I could have added hours worth of clips because they are so many that show Barney’s hilarity and fondness of his friends. Realistically, though, the most difficult thing was finding high quality clips to use to make the video as crisp as possible. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any that were very high quality, but I searched and searched the web until I found the highest quality I could, meaning it won’t look like a blockbuster movie but it also won’t look like a Minecraft slideshow. Other than that, editing took a bit as I’m still learning how to efficiently edit, but making this was mostly a very enjoyable experience.