Adding On

You know an idea is a great one when you see it and want to expand on it even more. This week, I’m taking a look at two different project ideas that really stood out to me, seeing how I’d expand on them. First is Brianna’s story idea.

The story sounds incredible and I love the ideas for the mini projects to construct a full and amazing project, though I think there is more that could be done to really amplify things. In terms of creating a map or recreation of the setting, Minecraft sounds like a brilliant option, but there are other ways to make an impressive map. The site Inkarnate allows for the creation of amazingly detailed maps with countless elements, tools, and themes. It would be a very interesting option to create a top-down view of the setting, showing the landscape and positioning of areas in the world in relation to other locations. There is also functionality that allows for smaller scenes such as a town square or the interior of a single building. Another idea is to design some kind of cover art or something reminiscent of a movie poster. Using Canva to design posters, flyers, and cover art makes the process much easier and a lot of fun. I’d recommend using Unsplash to find free images, if stock images are needed for any design.

The second story idea is Zoe’s.

The idea of Shadow Fredericksburg sounds extremely interesting and captivating. I’d imagine there would be a lot of emotion and depth behind this location, something that could be sold very convincingly using proper sound design and a bit of advertising to seal the deal. Similar to my previous suggestions for Brianna, I think a map of Shadow Fredericksburg could be an extremely interesting artifact to have alongside the rest of the project, whether it be strictly audio or also video. Along with this, making designs for posters and cover art could also add a lot of class and emotion to the project. Though I’m unsure what kind of production this will be, I’ll imagine that it’s audio for the sake of suggesting ideas. Using a lot of both very noticeable and almost completely indistinguishable eerie sound effects into the back could really establish the fact that the current setting is in this dark, reversed world. Voice effects and changers could also help create convincing characters, as well as potentially including occasional light background music, whether it’s to set a scene or fill the silence.

There’s so much that can be done to create great atmosphere and feeling for these stories, so with this final project it’s really important to put your soul into it and try some new things.