This is a continuation of the Glitch project for the portfolio. Originally, I planned to find pictures of a flower at different stages of growth to add a more intense glitch to each further phase down the line. Unfortunately, it was really difficult to find any solid images to use, so I figured I would just take the same image and glitch it differently each time. After trying that out, it didn’t seem to be as interesting as I had hoped. Scrapping everything else, I decided to just stick to the same type of flower, picking visually interesting images, to try to add varying degrees of glitches and hopefully stumble upon something really incredible. I think I was able to achieve that with quite a few of these. Here are 8 different pictures of roses, pre- and post-glitch.

R053 I

R053 II

R053 III

R053 IV

R053 V

R053 VI

R053 VII