On Photodonner and Photoblitzen!

What a fun activity! This one really had me running around and getting creative, for sure. At first, I was under the impression that 20 minutes was enough time to knock out all of these, but as you can tell, that was not the case. I had so many ideas and had trouble bringing them all to life in such a short timeframe, but being put under pressure and on the spot like that ended up with some pretty cool photos!

I flipped through a few different platters of prompts, but ultimately ended up with this one. Right off the bat, I was really interested in the circular object one and the news headline one. Let’s take a look at what I came up with.

I tried to take on the prompts that I had instant inspiration for, and this was the first one. I saw this light-up moon trinket on my desk and thought it would fit perfectly for the second prompt, “A photo frame is rectilinear. Fill that frame with a circular object.” I had to set up a bit of a backdrop for this one, and my phone doesn’t have the highest quality camera, but I feel that this came out pretty pleasantly. The contrast between light and dark works well and I feel like the moon is positioned well in the frame.

Next, I noticed my buddy Kronk standing right next to me on my desk. He always has this super accomplished grin on his face, so I figured to spare myself from the limelight and any actual person I know, I’d use him for the “Make a photograph of a smile, either literal or symbolic” prompt. I wanted to work with a perspective where you feel a little bit below Kronk and you can see the plane he’s standing on extending into the background. There’s some depth of field here, and ultimately I’m very happy with how this turned out, considering my lack of resources and slightly cracked back-facing camera.

I’ll admit, I probably cheated a little bit on this next prompt, “Place an object in your shot that’s hard to find or recognize,” but hopefully it’s forgivable. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drop down my Bob Ross and raccoon figurines in a foreign location. My thought process behind this was that at first, upon opening the medicine cabinet, you may not notice him and instead would go straight to the medicine you’re looking for. I tried to play around with lines and business in this photo, but clearly it didn’t necessarily turn out as a masterpiece. I’m happy with it, though, and hopefully it brightened your day a bit because it brightened mine making it!

For the final prompt I was able to tackle in 20 minutes, I took on the “Using a picture taken today, add a caption or title from todays news headlines” prompt. Though it could be implied that I should use a photo I had already taken earlier today and pair it with a news headline, I interpreted it as creating a new narrative threw a new photograph to match a completely unrelated headline! The headline I went with was “One Letter Transformed Britain. But Who Wrote It?” from Lucy Jones and the New York Times. I didn’t even read into the article, as I didn’t want any influence. Instead, I tried to go for an edgy black and white photo. It might be a little too on the nose, but the contrasting light and dark and shapes in the image feel really good to me.

Ultimately, this is what I ended up with! Like I said earlier, finding time for all of them was really difficult, but I had a blast conceptualizing and executing what I did. Also, I know that the timer should say “16:34” in the image, not “16:38,” but you’re going to have to take my word for the fact that I stopped when my 20 minute timer went off. I sat back down at my computer and immediately started uploading my photos and creating this blog post before realizing I hadn’t screenshot my outcome yet.

Hopefully you guys came up with some inspiring and interesting shots, too!