First Reflection – The Fear of Bradbury

Based on the tone and messages of both stories, from my understanding, Bradbury is fearful. Of what, though? The easy answer would be technology, as both The Veldt and There Will Come Soft Rains explicitly show terrifying scenarios that revolve around this idea of incredible technological advancements. But, I believe his fear is a little more specific than that. I think that Bradbury has a deep fear of what could go wrong within society, families, and the world as a whole because so much emphasis and focus is put on using technology to dramatically improve every aspect of our lives. Both stories show relationships and the world crumbling around this veil of incredible technology. It seems as though Bradbury is worried that humans will lose focus on the importance of close family bonds as well as the safety of the world around us in it’s entirety. Though this may be a slight reach, it does feel like Bradbury is taking the route of imagining the worst outcome, when he really may just be afraid of change and want to keep life old-school.