What Really Happened to Bob?

This week has been full of incredible shows already, with more to come tonight. While I have been a bit on the busier side and haven’t been able to listen to everything all the way through, I was able to catch the entirety of the Bob Ross murder mystery show Death of the Painter on Sunday evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and it easily kept my attention the whole time. The story was intriguing and had great direction with some brilliant voice acting and comedic aspects. I will say, the story was a bit difficult to follow at times, especially if two characters had essentially the same voice, but it all came together in the end to wrap things up quite well.

The commercials were a blast to listen to. There were some with a great deal of sound effects and background music that worked really well, while others relied heavily on the comedy aspect. Some of my favorite moments through the whole show were the dry sense of humor that would appear in some characters and commercials. It was always done very well and potentially went over some listener’s heads, which makes it that much more satisfying when you, as a listener, catch it and have a good laugh about it.

I’d imagine working with such a large team could have been quite stressful but it seemed like everyone really came together in the end and had roles that made sense to them. Everyone did a great job at playing their given roles, especially Judge Judy and Bob Ross, really selling the scene with their voice acting. The sound effects that were thrown in were crisp and interesting but never overwhelming. For most of the show, it sounded like the conversations between two individuals were real and not clips slotted together, which was very impressive, though it was unfortunate that the background noise from some microphones got picked up, cutting in out of nowhere sometimes. There were also times that sounded like someone was hitting the microphone or the table it was on that were slightly distracting, though it wasn’t a very big deal and I may just be nitpicking.

All in all, this show was incredible, especially considering the length of it and how a lot of the skills used to create it were most likely recently developed or developed during the process of production. From a 100 level class, some of the outcomes of these assignments and projects are truly astounding, and this is really no different. Everyone in the group that produced this show did a fantastic job!