What Does A Happy Accident Sound Like?

As someone who is quite inexperienced with audio manipulation software, this assignment was certainly going to be challenging. Despite the challenge ahead of me, I was able to very quickly think of a quote I love and a song that matches the tone of the message. This may be completely subjective, but there is something special about the pairing of an upbeat song that makes you happy to be alive and a classic Bob Ross quote, allowing you to drift away from reality for a moment and coast across an ethereal plain.

To help emphasize this idea of ascension and providing an “other worldly feeling,” I wanted to dot his voice throughout the music section as almost an echo. Thankfully, this was quite easy to piece together. It took a bit of messing around with Audacity’s tools, but by lowering the volume on some segments and allowing the music to fade in behind his voice, I feel like I was able to create basically exactly what I set out to make.