Love to Contradict

Any assignment that makes me chuckle upon reading the description of is one I’m definitely taking on, so here we are. I’ve seen plenty of images like these before and I’ve always found them hilarious, but unfortunately have never gotten around to making my own. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to do so.

When thinking of the mood I wanted, I dug into what’s currently going on in my life for inspiration. Not to go too off topic, but I’m having some problems with a very confusing relationship. I figured that this image could serve to display the dichotomy that I am actively feeling, a yin-yang of sorts.

I don’t consider myself to a bitter person at all, and this is mostly in good fun, though there are definitely moments where thoughts like these cross my mind. If anything, I thought it would be fun to channel it into something both creative and silly, two words I’d use to describe myself. To find this picture, I used my favorite photo site, where I get most of my cover photos for my blog posts, Unsplash. I figured that I could get some vastly different results if I just searched “love,” rather than being more specific, and ultimately it worked well because there were countless great options. I decided to choose this image of a couple on bicycles holding hands because it does a great job of displaying raw love between two individuals enjoying life. On top of this, there is a stunning background filling a great deal of the piece, making your heart long for someone to share a beautiful sunset with yourself. Then, I tried to think of the best way to appropriately contradict everything scene in the image. One of the biggest insults of my generation is “cringe,” bringing you a deep feeling of disappointment and sadness when someone refers to you as such. I’ve also heard many bitter people say that “love is overrated,” so I figured I would pair the two together for a powerful hit to a romantic’s gut. In Canva, I searched for “love” when looking for fonts and found one that certainly fits the vibe I was going for. To make the text fit with the image a bit better, I matched the color of it to the darker reddish-brown seen in the image. That brings us to our final product, a contradiction that I love.