Just Riding the Wave

I’ve always considered myself to be quite creative, with the capacity to take on challenges in interesting and uncommon ways. I’ve never really struggled to create, but I have struggled to put a style to my work. Whether it’s a drawing, a song, a short story, a problem, etcetera, I’ve always found it easier to think creatively and open my mind than to think narrowly and in a more logical way. I like to twist the equation, break the mold, think way outside the box. But again… what is my style? Honestly, I’m not sure I have one. But maybe…maybe not having a style IS my style!

In life, I’ve felt extremely flexible in terms of how I handle things and fit into my surroundings. Though it probably came from a place of not wanting to be “different,” in hopes of being able to blend into the crowd, I feel as though it turned out for the best for me. It’s been very easy for me to assimilate when necessary and fill whatever shoes I have to, which translates over into learning and executing new styles when being purely casually creative. This semester, I would love to develop more of a specific style. I don’t want to be just an artist, but rather a moving artist, or a relatable artist. Something with meaning and emotion, that shows I put my heart into my work and my interactions and want to create a connection with others. But hey, for now, I guess I’m just riding the wave!