Emperor Zuck

The Metaverse is a concept that seems daring and like the next step in human evolution to many, while remaining a potential nightmare situation to others. Currently, I’m not sure where I stand. Fortunately, though, it’s always fun to joke around about The Zuck. For this assignment, I wanted to establish a dystopian world that has shifted to essentially strictly virtual reality, where Mark Zuckerberg has capitalized on the absence of people out in the “real world.” While there are plenty of people who genuinely believe Zuckerberg has plans for total world domination, this is only a joke and I promise I’m not in on any of the conspiracies.

I did face a few challenges while creating this, such as getting good timing for the gif to allow time to read the slides while not having them take too long. Ultimately, I think I was able to achieve a decent middle ground, though I think some may need to watch it a few times to read everything.