For this assignment, I generated 4 random phrases from Random Word Generator, 4 random fortunes from My Fortune Cookie, and a superhero name from Random Word Generator to build off of. The phrases/fortunes will be in bold in the text.

Born in the western foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Ohio, Beau Hannity’s childhood was quite uneventful. He was below average in almost everything he did, often feeling a cut below the rest of the kids his age in school. His dad, an avid storm chaser who was known for taking risks and going further than anyone else was comfortable, believed in his son more than anyone. He saw the potential in that kid, but knew he didn’t see it in himself.

“I hear there’s this great big hurricane headed toward the east coast. I’m thinking about driving out to Florida to get eyes on it…” said Craig Hannity, Beau’s ambitious and thrill-seeking father. The Joy of Painting played faintly in the background, Bob Ross ever joyously saying “…just beat the devil out of it!”
“Well what am I, chopped liver?” Beau asked under his breath, not wanting to speak up as previously he hadn’t shown any interesting in tagging along with his father.
“Ohohoh, so you wanna go, huh?” said Craig, leaning over to pat his son on the back. “Like father like son, eh?”
“I just want to check it out…see what all the hype is about, you know? Nothing crazy…not like I’ll be useful or anything…” said Beau, lightly again as to still participate while trying to fade into the background.
His dad rolled his eyes and let out a troubled sigh. “Well, better get to packing.”

The drive was long and painful with seemingly endless traffic through some states. At one point, Craig desperately needed to rest but didn’t want to have to find any lodging, so he asked Beau if he’d take over for a bit. “I can’t. I’m not good enough, I’ll probably just end up crashing…” mumbled Beau. Abruptly, Craig pulled off onto the side of the road and effortlessly put the car in park.
“Son… you need to start believing in yourself. You tell yourself all of these lies about your capabilities, but boy… you can do so much more than you think. Strength is built upon inner character… you just need to look at your inner being for guidance!” cried Craig, desperately hoping for some switch to flip in Beau’s mind.
“I’ve always been handed everything and can’t do anything for myself…and you constantly push me to change for the better but what if I can’t change?!” shouted Beau.
This life is yours. Some of it was given to you; the rest, you made yourself. You should be proud of yourself and your potential, but you need to keep pushing yourself. Embrace change; don’t fight it.” said Craig, optimistically and with a shimmer in his eye, placing his hand on Beau’s shoulder. Beau dropped his head down for a second before slowly nodding in agreement with his dad. Before long, Beau was in the driver’s seat taking on the next stretch of the journey.

It was a cold day in July when they arrived, with winds already whipping and trouble on the horizon. They made it just in time. A great, towering hurricane danced across the edge of their view as the Hannitys flew down the highway at 110mph. Beau held on tight to the steering wheel, feeling like he was aboard a rocket to the moon, adrenaline pumping through him making him feel as alive as ever. As the distance between the car and the storm closed, Craig started to feel like something was off. He hadn’t ever seen a storm like this before. It was almost as if the hurricane was morphing in shape and size, moving up and down, left and right sporadically. All of a sudden, like a cigarette in a gas tank, the hurricane lit up in flames. Something that resembled an incredible phoenix occupied the sky directly ahead of Beau and Craig. “What on earth?!” shouted Craig, bewildered by what was directly in front of him. Before Beau could even react enough to make a noise, the cloud of flames in the sky transformed into a mass of metal in the sky, clanging together like forks in the garbage disposal. Huge pieces of shrapnel began falling around the car as Beau hopelessly bobbed and weaved the car across the road, trying to find an opportunity to whip the vehicle around. Right when he finally found an opening, as if it was aware of the situation, the storm shifted states again to a frigid blizzard, laying out sheets of ice across the ground. The car began to spin out on the now slippery asphalt, sliding uncontrollably towards the storm that was a mere 25 feet away. A gust from the wintery storm proceeded to sweep the car into it’s core, lifting it off the ground. The view from every window was a blinding white, and the force of the storm began crumpling the vehicle like a soda can. The driver’s side door, the first to receive any damage, is ripped off and nearly instantly Beau is found dangling out of the open door, tangled up in seatbelt, holding on for dear life. “Son!” Craig screamed from the interior, being crushed more and more by the second. “I don’t think I’m going to ma-” but before Craig could complete his final cry, the two were ripped apart, with Beau tearing free from the seatbelt and the car crumpling completely and being flung out of sight in the blink of an eye. At this moment, Beau thought it was all over and he could feel himself pulling away from life. His eyes closed and he attempted to find peace in his final moment, freezing in the heart of an otherworldly storm. Suddenly, he felt as though he was suspended in zero-gravity with a rush of relieving warmth passing through him. He opened his eyes to find himself in a protective barrier of electricity, with currents connecting from the sphere into his arms, legs, and eyes. He could feel his eyes flicker with power. “Embrace change; don’t fight it…” echoed his father’s voice in his head. He closed his eyes once more and took a long blink before opening them once more to witness the state of the storm changing from a dust devil to a lava plume to a noxious gas cloud, with each new variation flowing directly out of him, spreading to the rest of the storm, changing it as it spread. Off to the side, Beau noticed the crumbled remains of the car, with his father crushed inside. “Whatever you are…I’m gonna beat the devil out of you!” Beau yelled with the force of a thousand bulls, followed by a bright flash of light…

This is how Elemental was born…