Creative Connections

Directly out of the gate, I’ll admit that I went about this assignment incorrectly this week. I typically do a decent job of getting Daily Creates done on the day they are posted, but sometimes I’ll find myself a day behind one week or potentially not liking the prompts at the end of the week. This week, I was genuinely just behind on work and stressing about the amount I had to complete. I tried to plan and schedule properly but unfortunately missed over the assignment during my planning period. We all make mistakes and overlook things, so I attempted to both learn from this experience while also offering up a different way of approaching this assignment. Instead of going in after the fact and trying to connect the Daily Creates, I instead created a narrative ahead of time that I tried to stick with. I reversed a poem that ultimately spoke about plants and their life cycle, which worked perfectly with the circle of life that I used a wreath and stages of a plant’s life to represent. I also created a band called “The Palmroots,” tying directly into the reversed poem.

Never Whittling

Eric Garner’s work at the Horticultural Department taught him countless things about plants and just how similar they are to ourselves. They ate (in a way), they used sunlight as a source of energy. Some were soft, beautiful and delicate. But some would whittle and die in his very hands. This circle of life troubled him and he began thinking about his very own life. Looking around at all of the different plants, Eric didn’t know which would live long and which may cross the finish line sooner. Is it the same with humans? Was Eric making the most of his life? A life that has an invisible timer constantly ticking down. It was like a switch flipped in Eric’s brain, opening his mind to the possibilities that he had always strayed away from. Though he had always been a fantastic fiddle player, vocalist and poet, he had never imagined that he could combine those skills and change the world, but after that day, he began a band with some buddies called The Palmroots, which he toured the world with and sold 600 million records. Fast forward sixty years, as Eric lay on his deathbed with supportive family and friends gathered around, his final wish before drifting off into a sweet abyss was to join together and sing the lyrics that changed his life, so they sang:
A hometown boy who found hope in a fiddle
A glimmer of light, oh just a little
He didn’t care if he only made a nickel
And when he’s gone, his heart will never whittleeee
Eric lived on in hearts for generations, allowing his message of love and ambition to live on as well. Unlike the plants that whittle and decompose after years of grace in the sun, Eric found a way to be immortalized.