Clear and Hidden Messages

While the majority of this assignment was quite simple, I still had great time creating it and I really enjoy the outcome, especially the secret. When contemplating what movie to choose, I instantly started going through iconic scenes from some of my favorite movies. I originally planned to go with something inspirational or wise from a classic like Forrest Gump, but instead I wanted to stick more true to my personality and go with a film that doesn’t take itself as seriously while also being an incredibly fun experience: Spider-Man: No Way Home. There aren’t necessarily a lot of great one-liners in this film, with most of the best dialogue being between multiple characters, but there are some that really stand out. I felt it fitting to capture the essence of the conflict in the film through both the still from the scene and the quote used, regardless of the fact that said quote was at another point in the film than the scene in the back.

WHen you try to fix people,

The remix part of the assignment was where things got a little more complicated but were exciting and fun nonetheless. For the remix, it was my job to place Waldo into my image somewhere conspicuous. Originally, I took the image of Waldo and shrunk it down and placed it on Doctor Strange’s shoulder, having his colors match pretty well, allowing him to blend in and be very hidden. After a bit of thought and some more analysis of the background, I decided it would only be fitting to have Waldo amongst other people, trying to blend in. I was having trouble making Waldo’s colors a little more dull to match the background, so I took a different approach that works surprisingly well. To make him blend in, I applied a blur effect to him and then lowered his opacity to 55%. If you look at him close enough, you can tell that he is slightly see-through, but thankfully it isn’t very noticeable if you aren’t looking for it. This part was really fun to create and I was very proud of the improvised work done to Waldo. So, have you found him? Did you see him the first time you looked at the poster? Let me know!