Another Tale Written

Things felt quite a bit different this week than usual. The lack of assignments from the bank and only a couple Daily Creates were almost off-putting, but the replacement was nothing but a fantastic experience. Let’s talk about that a bit.

Coroner’s Tale

Working on Coroner’s Tale, the radio show that I co-created with Bird, Daniel, and Naomi, has been extremely eye-opening and taught me more than I could’ve ever expected. Through all of this, I also had an absolute blast and I can speak on behalf of my groupmates in saying that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. The first week was full of brainstorming and generally just getting the ball rolling, with huge props to Bird for writing the script. This week, though, we got to the nitty gritty: recording and editing. We all found that it was easy to get carried away and lost in the work, and ultimately I think we created something that is quite impressive, especially considering most of us are more or less beginners in the areas we tackled. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of graphic design, so creating a poster for the show was practically second nature. When it came to recording and editing, though, I found that I was extremely out of my element. I didn’t let this stop me, though, and instead persevered. A commercial and the end bumper in the production were made by me a couple weeks ago but were some of my first attempts at making audio “productions” that weren’t simple soundbites or short clips. This week, I used what I had learned to get into the voice acting and sound manipulation necessary for creating believable environments and portraying realistic emotion. Hopefully anyone who listens to Coroner’s Tale will be able to take away this effort from not only myself but the rest of the crew as well. We all put our hearts and souls into this and are extremely happy with how it turned out.

Below is the final version of Coroner’s Tale. You can listen to if you’d like, but I really recommend you wait to hear it for the first time on DS106Radio next week. If you aren’t able to make the show, definitely make sure to check it out here!

Daily Creates

I tackled Thursday’s Daily Create as my first of the week as it really spoke to me. Instantly upon seeing the prompt, I knew I had to run to Google to check something. Sure enough, sweet potatoes are vegetables. I wanted to slander these disgusting parasites of the world, so I went over to Canva to quickly make up a poster that touches on their nastiness. I found the perfect picture from Unsplash of sweet potato fries in a container that looks similar to a trashcan and figured I would roll with it. Soon enough, I had the most magnificent sweet potato slander I’ve ever seen, of course brought to viewers by the regular potato gang.

For Friday’s Daily Create, I saw that we either needed to stand against or cheer on a Wayne in the world, so of course my mind went directly to Wayne Brady. I’ve been a huge fan of Whose Line is it Anyway? for as long as I can remember and Wayne always brought something to the show that no one else could. I still can’t completely put my finger on it, but his charisma and wittiness are simply unmatched. The other cast members are amazing, but hopefully we can all agree that Wayne has always been simply the best.


While certainly stressful, attempting to close out a large project that took a lot of time and planning, this week has been a massive success. While I’m looking forward to shifting back to a more regular style of class, I’ve greatly enjoyed working on this radio show and have certainly made some great new friends. I haven’t had an experience quite like this in college, and this is my 4th year in this rodeo so that’s really saying something, and it’s been unforgettable. I can only hope that everyone else had similar experiences with their groups. And with that, this week is just another tale written.