Another Clip Gone Viral

This week felt like the most chill, laidback week we’ve had yet. It’s been so chill that it almost feels as though I’ve missed an assignment or two. Regardless, I still think I did some good and entertaining work. One of my videos seemed to get quite a bit of attention from classmates, sparking a bit of interest in a silly debate. Let’s get into it!

Video Assignments

I completed 3 video assignments this week for a total of 10.5 stars. Talk about above and beyond. I took a different approach to each assignment and I feel as though my effort is displayed in each of them. First, we have the popular wheels vs. doors debate:

Right out of the gate I wanted to call this post “Wheels Win” to ensure my take was immediately understood. I’m a very passionate member of Team Wheels and provided my honest opinions and evidence as to how there truly are more wheels than doors in the world. The only time I struggled while working on this assignment was when I struggled to understand the door side’s point of view. I approached this with a sense of humor, such as the randomly inserted clips of myself staring into the camera simply saying, “BIKES,” in order to keep the audience interested. With that, though, I still provided solid proof to defend my side of the argument. If you ask me, this video was a big win for my side of the debate.

Describing a character can be much easier when you can easily pull up countless clips of them proving your points, making this an incredibly fun assignment to work on. After some deliberation, I settled on Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother as my subject. This character is incredibly over the top and fills countless stereotypes, but somehow proves that there is a heart under all of the layers of slime, goofiness and stupidity. This assignment and character as the topic was so much fun that at one point I got caught up watching clips just because of how great they were, even after I had already gathered all of my clips for the video.

For this final assignment, I got to take a step back from the editing and scriptwriting to just set up a scene and do a bit of improv. I had a lot of fun and really enjoy what came out of it. The punchline is pretty solid and unpredictable if you aren’t expecting it, though it could be totally predictable to some. Nevertheless, it fulfills it’s purpose and is kind of funny.

Daily Creates

The daily creates this week were very simple, so I will simply showcase them here as there isn’t much to say about them other than what the prompt is.

March 30th, Tweet using the “I was today years old when…” meme

March 31st, draw a picture of your breakfast

April 1st, are you coming to the ball game?


Though a less intense and more chill week, I still feel like I put a decent amount of time and effort into my assignments and can happily say I’m proud of them. Video assignments haven’t been the easiest for me but I’m learning new skills that I’m sure I will continue to use in the future. And with that, I guess this week is just another clip gone viral!