Always Learning, Always Growing, Always Creating

I’ll preface this post by being the first to admit that I tackled the Daily Create assignments wrong for the better half of the week. I was unfortunately under the impression that we would check in on Twitter to see what the prompt for the day was and then we would complete them and compile them together into a post to share. After a mid-week assessment, which included me going back through and rereading the description for this week in this course, I’ve come to find that I misunderstood the submission for each day. I’m willing to openly admit these errors, but nonetheless, I wanted to still provide a single location for my first five Daily Creates ever.

Starting with Monday, or DC3658, I was really drawn a blank when trying to find a logical way to respond to the prompt. After a bit of thinking, I realized that maybe the answer didn’t have to be logical at all! Looking at the picture used for to represent a blockchain, the first thing I thought of was a cool, unique bracelet with some character. I liked the idea of twisting something I’m completely unfamiliar with into something that could be used as expressive and to add character to one’s arm.

I also found it almost ironic to turn a term relating to such progressive and advanced technological and economic ideas into something as basic as a bracelet.

With DC3659 on Tuesday, I wanted to go in a comedic direction, taking the prompt as an opportunity to create a meme of sorts rather than thinking of something deep and philosophical. At this point in time, I realized that these daily creates could serve as an opportunity to express my creativity and humor freely. The assignment started to feel like less of an assignment as I began having more and more fun each day. I’ve been a pretty big fan of relatable comedy for a while, so that’s something I wanted to show here, though it only really works for people closer to my age.

Here’s where creativity started to kick in:

On Wednesday, for DC3660, I wanted to mess around with some tools I had heard about from a friend who works at a comic book store that’s super into card games, such as Magic: The Gathering. This site has some incredible AI that can take a sentence, search through a bank of knowledge, and generate an incredibly vivid and impressive image for you. It even has different art styles you can choose from! From the Magic Realism Bot, I decided to go with the sentence, “A shaman looks at a giant lettuce.” Though I don’t have much of a reason for picking it, I was extremely curious what the software would generate, specifically in terms of the giant lettuce. I was not let down in the slightest. This website generates your image as a playing card, so here is what it created.

I absolutely loved the environment the program created, and while looking closer, I felt a story brewing in my head. I saw a shaman in the foreground with his back turned to the viewer, with his raggedy and torn clothes exposing a curse that has taken root in his back. The only way that the Shaman of Green can stop the spreading of this curse throughout his entire body, as it did to all of the dead shaman toppled over to the ground in front of him, is to draw power from the Giant Lettuce. In this scene, he has finally been able to locate the object, just in time, and it is beginning to spread across his body to fight against the curse.

Thursday was the day when I realized that my responses should have been Tweets, so my submissions will be embed Tweets in this blog post for Thursday and Friday. I took a step back from the truly creative and story-driven mentality and decided to flex the funny bone once again. I saw other submissions doing the same thing, but I was stumped for a while. After looking through memes and doing all sorts of brainstorming, I was able to think of the perfect thing.

In my head, I imagined the woman flipping through static-y channels, coming up empty handed while trying to find groundbreaking, lost knowledge on this super computer, only to finally find something: Phil Swift slapping flex tape onto different things! I had a lot of fun thinking of this one and hopefully someone at least gets the reference to such a wild commercial.

That takes us to Friday where I wanted to both do a little callback to the first week of class and a clear inspiration for Professor Bond, but also pay my respects to a hero of my own. Bob Ross is legendary and will go down in history. This was the first idea that came to mind and I wanted to stick with it. I didn’t want to use just any random episode, though, so I did a bit of research to find what the last episode was to air and I believe it was this one, episode 13 of season 31. I went frame by frame at the end of the episode to cut out the perfect picture of him going to wave his final farewell.

Though my first few Daily Creates weren’t posted as Tweets and I was a bit confused in the beginning, I hope nonetheless you were able to find a laugh or two from these. I’ve really enjoyed having a short, creative activity each day to get me going.