A New Approach

This week, I wanted to reimagine two pieces of work that were very different from one another: a graphic design for a nonprofit organization and a story made from every letter of the alphabet. Going into these originally, I had no comparisons that I could make, but revisiting them allows me to try something completely new and vastly different. Beginning with the poster design, I decided that I wanted to create something a bit more abstract and unique while also utilizing an actual photograph of Bob Ross.

I felt that the color scheme was quite unique and the overall feeling of the piece is much different than the previous version, linked here. It feels as though there is more playfulness and spontaneity involved in this design, capturing more of the essence of Bob than before. I also changed the name of the foundation to feel a little more fitting, though I believe either name works well. There isn’t much information on this poster in order to keep it simplistic enough to capture one’s attention, though in theory the link would take you to more info.

For my next reimagined piece, I wanted to look back at the challenging nature of the “A Story In Alphabet” assignment, where the goal was to create a short story or poem utilizing each letter of the alphabet in order exactly one time. The original story I developed was certainly difficult enough at times, though the story also seemed to flow right out of me quite effortlessly at other times. To further challenge myself, I wanted to attempt to try this prompt again while writing about something terrible in the world that bothers me day in and day out: racism.

Absolutely biased, color determines everything. Forever grieving, hopeless injustice, just killing like my neighbors oughta perish. Quiet realizations sometimes turn up, very wistfully. Xenagogue youth, zealous.

While it may feel like a bit of a stretch in some areas, everything was very thought out in an attempt to paint the best picture I possibly can. I live in a very diverse area and I have a great deal of love and respect for my community and the members within, no matter their race, so this came from a personal place of care and anguish. I tried to not be strictly negative, though, highlighting the fact that some people may change or be able to make change happen, while the youth in our country are also stepping up to fight against racism.