A Future in Radio

I’ve always been fascinated by radio and podcasts, noting that it takes a lot more talent and charisma than someone may initially assume to do the job correctly and do it well. There’s a lot of nuance to both what people speak about and how they speak and it’s a world I’m excited to dive further into. Thinking in terms of what I would do if I had my own radio show that was recurring, I’d love to do it in a podcast style. I feel like if I had the right group of people around me, we would really be able to bounce around a lot of ideas and commentary that could be quite interesting. I feel like a pretty witty and decently interesting guy, so a podcast type show would be something I’d love to play around with. I also wouldn’t be against a skit or narrative of some sort, putting on a play over the radio. My uncle is a theatre actor in DC, one of his shows being It’s A Wonderful Life, but with a twist. In the rendition he did, him and 3 other cast members stood in an old radio studio, doing voices and making sound effects with an incredible array of items. This was extremely interesting to me, as I was watching it live, seeing the actors with my own eyes, but they were painting an entirely different scene in my head. Though there would be no visual aspect when doing something like that for this assignment, I’d be very interested in looking into putting on a show like that. For this class, though, I’m sure we’d stick to adding in digital sound effects rather than making our own, but either way it would be a fun and interactive way to tell a story, similar to the stories told Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night on DS106 radio.